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Angels - Super secret agents for God - Youth scripture gameWe provide advanced privacy protection to our customers who are already registered internet domain holders.  We offer a very advanced service similar to that offered by the domain registries - Private Domain Registration, with one advantage: we're a private business providing only Domain Registration Privatization.  Never before has freedom of speech rang so loudly!  WE ARE THE ONLY TRULY PRIVATE SERVICE OF THIS KIND ON THE WEB. And, we limit all contact to either Email contact or SSL Secure payment or credit processing.  That way, NO ONE CAN KNOW who you are.  Please email us to receive a call back to order services or make changes: . By limiting the points of contact, we eliminate the trace and trap records that can be used to follow you about! This is but one feature of our remarkable system. As valid for individuals as it is for Fortune 100 companies.


About our REMARKABLE Privacy by Proxy™ Technology.

We have nothing to do with the businesses our customers are engaged in. We have no financial or personal interest or involvement of any kind in our customers' websites, businesses or transactions.  The Courts in the US and elsewhere have found that our service is akin to being a Virtual Storage Landlord, leasing a Privacy Cubicle Space via a proxy lease agreement granted by a non-domestic Registration Agent to our clients in which to place their Domain Name Registrations.  Civil Courts have determined that no form of civil process has the legal jurisdiction to compel us to reveal the identity of the Lessee, since there is no government jurisdiction nor public economic interest in the civil context that has supervisory rights sufficient (.e.g of the Civil Courts) to do so.  The triple blind contract we use, can simply not be compelled by anything within the civil context, to compel identification of our customers.

Once registered with the non-domestic Registration Agent, lessee Domain Holders are then able to point the Domain Name to hosting, mail and other DNS landing URL resources without any third party able to breach the privacy of the registration.  This allows them a variety of communications services within the Domain's scope that remain fully private for an indefinite period of time.  Never again can they be victimized by "hooligans, thugs, con artists or thieves" prolific on the Internet for breaching the assets of Domain holders via the public Domain Registration.  Private Domain Registration, as a method, was authorized by ICANN for registrars and third parties offering registration services of a certified registrar, in 2005 without liability to the service provider.

We also convey status and messages between the Lessee and the Virtual Privacy Cubicle.  Meanwhile, the address and identity of their Domain's registration remains private: the technology of a 100% private Virtual Privacy Cubicle and proxy lease agreement, can not be accessed by anyone, INCLUDING a Civil Court.  Only a criminal proceeding has the legal privilege of subpoena with respect to the Blocked-For-Privacy Virtual Privacy Cubicle Space Proxy Lease agreement.  Presently, the RA dominion is maintained via a numerical financial safety deposit institution in Geneva, in the country of Switzerland, where no law exists to allow access to the virtual lock boxes in use by's non-domestic Registration Agent, other than to our Registration Agent. Please note, does not endorse criminal behavior of any kind, and will not knowingly privatize any domain being used for the express purposes of breaking the law in any jurisdiction.

Lessee Domain Holders may also lease a "subnet" on which to host a communications form.  For example, "" could lease '', for an additional fee, and could place a form (single or multipage) on the subnet with our approval, to enable static data gathering for their own purposes.  Such could be used to gather offers to buy their domain, or even to send an anonymous email to the actual holder of the domain name, or even to provide a unidirectional form for receiving correspondences of any kind without using an actual email address.  They can even point their Domain to that subnet (we also offer privatized hosting for that purpose.)  We black out their email address and automatically redirect their form email to an attendant that disseminates the form data to them without the sender knowing the actual destination.  Likewise, we can supply wholly masked email addresses, voice over IP, and even masked Fax sender/receivers for use in doing business without breaching their privacy or physical location.  In advance of the changeover, we have already wholly equipped our services to be fully redundant and compliant with Internet Protocol V6, as well as V4 and V6 over V4, and are wholly compliant in all regards to VISA CUISP, and KIDZ safety, the ID THEFT ACT, and the FACT ACT.  Businesses engaging in eCommerce, who avail themselves of our PBP-Hosting and PBP-Merchant Services are assured approval by VISA, by adhering to our "Privacy Operations Handbook" in not only maintaining the impenetrability of their own premises, but of that of their customers, whether they are a Bank offering Merchant Services, or a Store selling products or services.

 We have everything to do with helping them maintain the privacy they are due under US Constitutional Law: to engage in their business activities without being subjected to personal attacks, frivolous legal threats, anti competition, personal undermining, burn notices, fair gaming or any other form of attack on their person, their privacy, their assets, their family or their personal safety.

When you register a web domain name, does your life flash before your eyes?  Have you that sinking feeling... that feeling that just the other side of the registration process there are "eyes" watching you?  Have a funny feeling that you are becoming the "food" for an enormous ring of network spies, thieves and con artists?  Well, you aren't alone in that belief and you'd be absolutely correct in holding it.  The Internet was created by academic and government personnel with limited or know personal knowledge of corporate espionage tactics nor corporate or strategic competition practices.  It reflects that naivete in its design: no real security, limited or no protection at all for personal identity and a very mediocre transactional architecture.  No wonder it is so open to abuse by everything from phishing websites and e-mailers seeking to steal personal financial identities, to merchants of the most egregious forms of criminal behavior. was conceived as a tool you can use to halt the erosion of your privacy by the Internet, when registering a domain name, or hosting a website.  We prevent others from having access to your identity, you retain ownership, you retain your right to privacy.  It's that simple.  You won't get away with Criminal Activities, no privacy tool can shield you from the consequences of criminal behavior under the US Legal System, but it will place an impenetrable barrier between your Domain Registration and your personal identity.

Modern Domain Registrar based private domain privatization systems are easy enough to breach, but add " to the picture and all that changes: no one can breach your domain's registration id or your personal information.  If you register your domain with or through Blocked-For-Privacy, we provide you that added layer of privatization, the "Proxy" that eliminates any likelihood of anyone guessing at your identity.  The only record of ownership will list, and the business name you want listed (optional) and our Privacy Protected point of contact.

Our Mission

privacy fence, privacy guard, internet privacy services, right to privacyWe want the Internet to be SAFE for everyone.  Our goal is to become the leading provider of safety measures for users, merchants and other domain holders on the web.  Privacy is the right of every citizen of the world, so long as it is not abused by the party whose privacy is guaranteed. In the United States, we have constitutionally afforded privacy, a right of every citizen. 

Those who breach privacy are subject to potential civil or criminal penalties, and those who steal or use another's identity, are subject to lengthy prison terms and fines. We have developed internet privacy, internet privacy guard and internet privacy fence services that protect our customers from such invasion of privacy, to help ward off the very serious consequences which could arise from loss of one's right to privacy.

There is a very good justification for privacy and freedom of speech laws in the USA.  Back in the 1930's, a political movement called "National Socialism" gave rise in Germany, backed largely by wealthy United States businessmen of Dutch and German descent. This movement, one we know of as "Nazi-ism" sought global domination, the extermination of threatening races and religions, who might unseat their dominance, and the elimination of privacy altogether.

In the mid 1930's, Thomas J. Watson, hired by JP Morgan to head IBM Corporation, for John D. Rockefeller, Morgan's backer, became involved in an effort to, through a deep financial backer relationship with Adolph Hitler, develop a business relationship and a special program: ne that would have turned Nazi Germany (the so-called Third Reich) into IBM Corporation's (and Standard Oil's and Chase Manhattan, all Morgan businesses for John D. Rockefeller) second largest customer, and eventually the largest. 

The Rockefeller's special program, the Nazification of Germany, succeeded in Nazifying Germany.  Late in the 1930's as Adolph Hitler came to power and his SS swept through Germany murdering and sending targeted peoples to death and slave labor camps, IBM Corporation, who was largely a Census Taking Technology Concern at that time (descended from the German Hollerith Corporation), turned over all the Census's it had taken throughout all the countries of Europe, except for France, to the Nazi SS and Hitler.

During the 1920s and 1930s, prior to the rise of Nazi'ism, IBM had added columns to its IBM punched cards used in taking the Census throughout Europe, to record the race, creed, religion, color, health, and other human differences, along with the names and addresses of every citizen in every country of Europe.  In turning over the Census in the late 30's, Watson, Morgan and Rockefeller cemented a covert and permanent relationship with Adolph Hitler and the SS, and Watson was awarded the Nazi Silver Star of Honor.  From that point forward, all computational, financing, oil, steel and other staples were purchased from Watson, Morgan and Rockefeller, behind the backs of the US Government.  Also, with the IBM Census in his possession, Adolph Hitler was facilitated in locating and with the intent upon exterminating, nearly every Jew, Catholic, Gypsy, the infirm, physically challenged, disabled, mentally challenged,  and extremely elderly human being they could find in all of Europe.  It was this Betrayal of Humanity on a monumental scale, one that was perpetrated covertly by John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan and Thomas J. Watson.  The Rockefellers had been counseling Hitler on the use of "Supremacism" and "Genetic Cleansing" - techniques for building a "stronger, easier to manage labor pool", developed by the Rockefeller's Office of Human Genetics (today: Planned Parenthood).

By breeding hatred towards Jews, Gypsies, Catholics and the Infirm, Hitler was able to brainwash an entire country into committing exceptionally vicious crimes and extermination / massacre of what ultimately cost the lives of nearly 60 Million Europeans and Russians.

Since then, there has been another rise of "Nazi'ism" at the hands of the Rockefellers and the Morgans, bread into the populations of the Middle East and Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe: all in support of the ongoing politics and "complications" of their Oil Industry businesses. Today, everyone's privacy is at risk.

We are dedicated to providing a simplification methodology that shields the names and addresses of the owners of a website and domain name.  It is then up to you, what points of contact you wish to provide.  If you wish, we will even not include the company name of your business, so all that will remain, is our points of contact.

Over time, we will be extending similar such services into individual names, and purchasing strategies so that you can protect yourself, your religious choices, your sexual orientation, your medical history even your whereabouts from being used, strategically, against your civil and personal rights.  While nothing comes easy, we believe in Personal Privacy.


Company Profile relies on our ability to, at a modest price, serve as your "proxy".  We undertake the identification of ownership of your domain name in our "blocked-for-privacy" identity.  Our goal: to insure that everyone who wants a domain name, who wants a website, can do so without making themselves the target of computerized hijackers, hackers, thieves, con artists, spammers, flamers, and anything else that comes along. Our internet privacy program includes internet privacy guard and internet fence programs. Unless a Court with jurisdiction over orders us to turn same over TO THE COURT's private possession for examination, we quite literally never reveal your identity.  Note: you may not use your domain/website to engage in criminal violation of local, state or federal ordinances or to violate another company's trademark. Privacy is not an excuse to insulate yourself from the consequence of illegal acts. belongs to the Web Association of Software Professionals (WASP) and supports the Better Business Bureau's BBB Online Initiative.

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Suspect Fraud from any business on the Internet?  You can report it here > at the FBI joint task force with the National White Collar Crime Center,

People are raving about the idea of an Independent business whose privacy guard safety vaults the ownership information for your domain names and web hosts, and can also provide hosting servers and services for you in an identity independent fashion. The fact that we are NOT tied to domain registrars subject to the rules of accreditation, those who must provide certain private information, is a plus - while we honor the rules of ICANN, we can perform some truly innovative services that are legally appropriate and yet, beyond what traditional Domain Registrar's alone can do...

Many companies and individuals are turning to privacy.  However, the catch is, to insure privacy, most registrars or hosting business must have your personal identity.  We have found a method to offer you a varying degree of confidentiality even in identifying yourself to US!  You can start out with a simple registration or hosting package, and graduate to a COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY system if you wish!

Contact Information

We have very rigid rules on how you can reach out to us.  When you become a customer, we add a billing and billing inquiries point of contact to your account.  Here's the few other ways people can reach us!


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If you are Law Enforcement or otherwise are in need of information about serving a civil (we do not respond with information when a civil subpoena is served) or criminal subpoena, please click here.
Blocked-For-Privacy is committed to working with law enforcement to make the Internet a better place. We assist with formal and informal investigations whenever possible. If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, and have a formal investigation and are seeking only the registrant information for a domain using Blocked-For-Privacy's privacy service, please contact GENERAL MANAGER. regarding criminal subpoena procedure. If you have a formal investigation and are seeking more information about us, please contact COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT

NOTE: We are a private corporation solely in the business of privatizing the domain registrations of domain holders and provision of other privacy protection services.  We offer services providing internet privacy, internet fence and internet privacy guard programming. We disclaim all responsibility for the use of or business engaged in by the domains, associated websites, and holders thereof who avail themselves of our privatization services. is not related to NCLNET.ORG or the National Consumer League. The NCL, however, does admirable work advocating the rights of consumers and workers all cross the country.

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