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PR: Privacy by Proxy


Privacy by Proxy will save your neck!

New offering: an independent identity shield for domain holders and website owners could prevent you from being targeted by legal bullies, scam and con artists, domain thieves and other criminals...

Today's Date 01/30/2005 -- If you ever registered a domain name, pushed a domain name to search engines or built a website, you have certainly found out that there is a downside to being on the Web.  An army of predatory web geeks, bullying lawyers, press hounds, paparazzi, con artists, thieves, harassers, anti-competitors, hackers, spammers, flamers and just about anything else conceived of have taken up round the clock residency on the Internet.  And they often single you out for reasons that range from ego, to psychosis, to perversion, to simple sadism, religious or racial bias, or about any reason on heaven or Earth.  It's become almost a game of "who can top whom"...Cyberthieves are at large! has an answer.  The company provides Safety for your domain name and/or website by serving as a "Proxy Firewall" between your property and the internet.  If you carefully follow the company's sound advice on how to properly publicize your internet contacts with the world, and use the company's Privacy by Proxy service, you could very well save your own neck from the constant hammer of Internet Predators.

Internet Predators include:  Lawyers who believe it is their opportunity to raise their billable hours by engaging in campaigns of meaninglessly abusive exercises in bullying small businesses out of their domain names or use of language, on behalf of big businesses with deep pockets and time on their hands.  It also includes: Computer Buffoons who run around the internet harassing companies and individuals, quietly asking them for money to go away.  It also includes: Hackers who try and steal your domain name or redirect your website, or even break into your merchant system and redirect credit card proceeds to their own bank accounts.  And that is only the tip of the Iceberg. (BFP) offers it's "Privacy by Proxy" service to website and domain name owners who want something more than just simple identity shielding.  It includes the ability to shield email, engage in anonymous eCommerce, block the access identifiers used by staff members, and remove unwanted presence of personal information on the web and on company computers.  It's the most comprehensive single product for Internet Privacy ever conceived.

In fact, BFP is so serious about privacy, it maintains no public points of inbound contact other than it's corporate email and a voice/fax robot for emergency use, to prevent hackers from being able to gain access to it's secretly situated facilities.  BFP uses government high standard encryption in all of it's own record keeping and maintains buffer zones and radical security procedures to insure that no information in its possession ever reaches the hands of any third party.  Which is why it calls it's product line: Total Privacy™. And what does it all cost?

BFP does not publish it's schedules of pricing, because, according to a spokesperson: "We have to tailor the package to each customer's requirements."  However, a basic ID-Shield costs approximately $25 per year and includes many more services than afforded by alternative offerings.

BFP has indicated it intends to become the leading provider of Safe Internet Presence Provision (SIPP) in the world...

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